Solution for missing artwork on Windows Phone Lumia

Windows Lumia artwork issuesAn article for all the techies out there with Windows Phones. A constant problem seems to be that artwork doesn't sync correctly when using Windows Phone App Desktop App or Windows Media Player to a Windows Phone such as the Nokia Lumia 920.

I believe I've solved it, but this involves using MusicBee to sort out the Library.

  • The key is to make sure that the artwork is "embedded" into the file using the various options in MusicBee.
  1. What I did was to make sure ALL my music (around 1,700 songs) got converted via MusicBee using it's handy convert feature. You can convert before syncing or sending to the phone, but I converted them separately before syncing at a later time.
  2. The image shows that I converted to MP3 on High Quality and replaced the source file. I also adjusted the volume, just so that it actually did something to the file and for the artwork, I embedded.
  3. I also made sure all songs were on my computer as the "source". This meant that any duplicates were removed on the computer.
  4. On the phone, I then deleted my entire collection.
  5. I then synced. I say "synced" in a loose term, because I am just copying the files. I can't figure out how to do a two-way sync using MusicBee. Once I synced, I made the mistake of copying all my songs to the Lumia. My Lumia 920 didn't show the music for at least a day! But on the next day, they popped up with some having greyed out boxes with artwork. However, by the end of the day, all artwork was shown.

In the past I've tried all methods with no joy at all, but it seems as though MusicBee can fix the MP3 files and then you should be able to use WMP and the other methods to sync. This is something I'll try and then update this post.

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