Upgrading to Windows 10.

Despite the WINDOWS 10 logo appearing on all our computers, the decision was made to manually install it using the Media Creation Tool provided by Microsoft, as the only PC that got the upgrade immediately was the Surface Pro 3.
It was relatively simple. On my works' PC, which was a custom built desktop and despite IT saying they won't support it if anything goes wrong, the downloaded tool opened and crashed. I had to unlock and delete a temp file in the root C:\ called $Windows.~WS to allow the tool to start again.
Once Windows had downloaded, the PC restarted several times with a plain, but informative installation screen.
Once this was done, the PC restarted and the snazzy new sign in screen took me to Windows 10. Just like Windows 8, it shows that it's readying Apps, but this doesn't take long at all. This was all done in a low res screen, as it was using the Microsoft screen driver.
Eventually, after around 30 minutes, Windows started and I had to install the new NVIDIA driver and hit restart. to get the specified resolution, as well as getting my dual monitor to work. Worryingly, restart was spinning for a while, before eventually restarting and all seems perfect, apart from distorted icons in the task bar.
Painless, as was the process on my teenager's Fujitsu Laptop at home. The same process is happening on the Lenovo All-in-One computer.

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Demonstration video for Now Cosmetic.

A demonstration video for Now Cosmetic was recorded, put together and edited by Sassco Design. Now Cosmetic provide a service offering Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin injections to reduce wrinkles. There...

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Model building

An avid model builder since childhood, but now have progressed to complicated models and scratch building.

Model building service

Miniature and model building and production within Tyne & Wear. I can offer a scratch build service for people requiring models. Most things can be re-created in some form or another, be...

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Word Press websites

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North Tyne Acoustic website

A site being produced in Word Press, but currently still under construction. The site is to be heavily image led, as well as with video links.

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Joomla website examples

An expert in creating Joomla websites, including hosting, domain names and database management.

North Style Lofts design and website bui…

The North Style website was designed in Joomla and updated an old Joomla 2.5 version. The graphic design and branding was also updated. http://www.northstyle.co.uk/   

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Magento / Shopify websites

Ecommerce sites designed using the Magento or Shopify platform.

Magento Ecommerce demo site

An ecommerce site using the Magento Content Management System. Fully featured sites with links to payment processors can be created from £999. Click here to visit the demonstration site.

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Logo and graphic design

An expert creative designer with decades of experience.

Simple 3D isometric drawing in Adobe Ill…

A very simple, but comprehensive plan designed using the 3D feature in Adobe Illustrator of the factory floor plan in Durham.

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Uniform Tax Calculator

If you're wearing a uniform, then you can get some tax back. Head over to Workwear Express where you can find a handy calculator. https://www.workwearexpress.com/uniform-tax-calculator  

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